Medalist is a Golf and Country Club community located in Hobe Sound, Florida. Medalist offers custom estate homes featuring beautiful architecture and surrounded by luscious landscaping. This wonderful community provides great Country Club amenitites including championship golf courses, Golf Pro shop, Clubhouse, casual and formal dining options, tennis courts, Spa, fitness center and a Pub!

Medalist offers beautiful homes, Golf and Country Club amenities and a Martin County location. Medalist is located in Hobe Sound, Florida offering great downtown areas, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, marinas, water recreations and miles of coastline!

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  6. Congratulations to you. We share common fellowship. I was consecrated by T Allen and also separately, sub conditione, by Bishop +Thomas Langely. Bishop Shawn Knight was consecrated in a home temple where I live (I was present for the occasion). And I know Don Correll and have met many clergy and laity of the AJC as well, including Mar +Thomas and Monsignor Scott. Small world. Peace and Blessings to you.

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  16. Thanks everyone for their comments. It means a lot receiving all this positive feedback. My goal was to make people laugh and if I made any of you laugh then I’m glad you enjoyed my writing. Thanks so much Mrs. Jacobson, this was an incredible way to get me some experience. I miss last semester’s English already! Much love to all who gave me some encouragement.

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  25. Thanks for your comments. Kennett Worker has a valid point. I believe Jack was a manager at Giuseppe’s but when I returned home I didn’t have it in my notes. I’d rather leave it out if I’m not positive. That’s my mistake. I do believe the plan is for this to be more upscale than Enzo’s, though family friendly. I hope to catch up with these guys again as they feverishly work to re-open the space. Check back for an update. Thanks.

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  59. O&H: I’m bummed you couldn’t join, but I’m sure the Courageous Year journey is awesome. I’m really enjoying the gift of this 2 weeks of creativity. I’m hoping to expand the approach to the rest of my life outside the 20-60 minutes each day I’ve reserved for it. Struggling to shift perspective to seeing life as overflowing RIGHT NOW, regardless of circumstances.

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